PentoMind – A Pentominoes puzzle for iPhone

The classic pentominoes puzzle is an educational, geometric, tiling puzzle that is a precursor to the game of Tetris.

Choose any level of difficulty from just a relaxing way to while away a couple of minutes while waiting in line to a major brain challenge requiring some serious thought.

The puzzle consists of a rectangular checkerboard and twelve pieces called pentominoes. These pieces represent all the possible ways to arrange five unit squares together so that their edges align. Your objective is to cover the board using the pentominoes.

A good history and description of Pentominoes can be found at the
Wikipedia entry.

Pentos for the iPhone provides thousands of pentominoes puzzles with several different piece sets, board sizes and varying degrees of difficulty. After you choose a board size and how hard you want the puzzle to be, Pentos will generate an appropriate puzzle at random.

You may choose a board, level of difficulty, among other settngs.

You may choose any of four piece sets.

Your job is then to place the pieces that appear below the board so that each white square of the board is covered by some pentomino.

A puzzle has just begun.

You may choose to have your games timed. Then you can replay the same puzzle with a friend to see who can solve it the fastest. If you quit Pentos during a timed game (or if you’re interrupted by a phone call), then the timing for the puzzle will resume the next time you start Pentos.

The pieces you may use are initially shown at the bottom of the screen, and you simply touch a piece to drag it onto the board. When you touch a piece, it will grow to a size that fits the dimensions of the squares on the board.

You may rotate a piece by tapping it, or you may flip it (in 3D) by double-tapping it. Alternatively, you may use buttons provided to rotate and flip the currently active piece. All piece movements are realistically animated. Pentos is geared towards ease of use and playability.

Pieces are not allowed to overlap; should an overlap occur, a star icon will appear above one of the overlaps.

To return a piece to its original spot at the bottom of the display, simply drag it down off the board.

You may reset a puzzle by shaking your iPhone/iPod and if, after a brief pause, you shake it again before moving another piece, the pieces will return to where you had them.

Some puzzles may have more than one solution, in fact if you start with an empty board there may be hundreds or even thousands of possible solutions. The sole exception to this is the smallest board which has only a few solutions.